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Important Issues

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As a businessman, Mark understands that to get our economy moving and people working again, we need to get government out of the way. As our voice in Raleigh, Mark will support lower taxes for businesses, fewer needless regulations, and more business-friendly legislation that not only attracts new business to our city but supports those that already call Charlotte home.


As violent crime across Charlotte and our state skyrockets, Mark believes in supporting law enforcement with all the resources we have.  Protecting our citizens against this growing problem is one of the most important things our government can do for “we the people” and Mark will make sure the government is accountable.


Mark believes that educating our children is a group effort in coalition between parents and teachers.  As Senator, he will support legislation that directs finances to the classroom and not to unnecessary bureaucracies. Mark also supports school choice such as private schools, charter schools and homeschooling and opposes schools teaching our children what to think as opposed to how to think.  He also will work to bridge the secondary school gap between high school and college realizing that many of our youth are being left behind.


Mark opposes higher taxes for families and hard-working people. He believes government needs to live within its means and control spending. As our Senator, Mark will fight for lower taxes and responsible spending in Raleigh while at the same time ensuring that the largest city and the economic powerhouse of our state has a seat at the table when it comes time to plan where our state’s $26B budget is allocated.  Charlotte has been ignored long enough because it continues sending a Democrat delegation to a Republican controlled legislature and it’s time to get our city back on track.


Mark believes that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are inalienable rights from our Creator and that government is not charged with granting those rights but only in protecting them.  In the Senate, Mark will apply what he calls the “LL&P Test” to any piece of legislation before supporting, signing, or voting for it.


Mark is a conservative who believes everyone should be responsible for their actions, should respect the constitution and the purpose of government is to ensure our rights as citizens. Mark believes in the individual and knows that when we empower people, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

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